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Developing pdfme V4

· 5 min read

Development of V4 started in December last year, and it's been about 3 months since then.

I apologize for the slow development speed. However, the release of V4 is gradually becoming a reality.

Features Planned for V4

  1. Add DynamicTable Schema #332

  2. Add a Left Sidebar for Placing Schemas #400

    • Adding a UI that allows dragging schemas from the sidebar.
    • The definition of plugins is changing (adding icons), so I intend to include this in this major version.
  3. Placeholder, Expression #439

Release Timing

  • I want to release as soon as possible, but I can't determine a release date yet since I don't know when the bugs will be fixed, and I haven't started on the other features.
  • Currently, only the implementation of the table is completed, and there are still critical bugs to be resolved before release, so it looks like it will take some more time.
  • If you don't particularly plan to use the features announced in V4, please continue to use V3 with confidence. Necessary fixes for V3, including bug support, will continue.

Access to the alpha version

  • A preview environment for V4 is prepared:

  • How to install V4

    Versions tagged with next on npm's version page are V4 versions. Currently, version 4.0.0-alpha.0 is released for each package.

    • The following command can be used for installation:
      • npm i @pdfme/common@4.0.0-alpha.0 @pdfme/schemas@4.0.0-alpha.0 @pdfme/generator@4.0.0-alpha.0 @pdfme/ui@4.0.0-alpha.0

About Backward Compatibility

When using V4, modifications will be necessary for past templates and plugins.


Help wanted!

I can move to the next step if the table bug is resolved, but honestly, I'm stuck and would really appreciate help...

I'm stuck but want to move forward, so I intend to start implementing the following feature in March.

Thanks, everyone

I couldn't make good progress in February, but the contributors did an excellent job. Thank you.

It's not merged yet, but this PR that added color type is cool too.

There are infinite ways to contribute to OSS beyond code.

First, use the software, and if you think it's good, introduce this library to your friends. If you find a bug, please register it from GitHub issues.

It might take some time, but I try to reply as much as possible and look through the comments.

V4 will include the table feature I had given up on when I started creating this library, and this was something I could never have done alone. I am grateful to supporters, contributors, and users. I am amazed by the power of OSS, and now I feel like we can create the best PDF library!

I will update you if there are any more updates. Thanks for reading to the end.