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🚀 Release pdfme V4!! 🚀

What's Changed

· 5 min read

Development of V4 started in December last year, and it's been about 3 months since then.

I apologize for the slow development speed. However, the release of V4 is gradually becoming a reality.

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Contrary to the plan, we are working on the implementation of the dynamic table in a different way. Please see the following blog article for the latest development information.

Why Dynamic Tables Couldn't Be Implemented in pdfme

Until now, pdfme has been realizing simple variable data printing by embedding PDF data into a property called basePdf in the template and overlaying a schema on top of this PDF.

Image of the pdfme process

This method is incredibly simple and allows for the easy creation of customized PDFs.

· 4 min read

What is pdfme?


An open-source, free PDF creation library written in TypeScript. It allows for declarative PDF creation using templates and works both on servers and browsers.

Since its beta release in February 2022, it has reached Version 3 by November 2023. On GitHub, it has garnered 1500 stars, and on npm, it sees about 10,000 downloads weekly, though there's some variation.

It's already integrated into various services worldwide, including electronic medical record creation, factory procedure manual production, and e-commerce custom packaging.

This article aims to explain the motivation behind developing pdfme.