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Released pdfme V4

· 2 min read


🚀 Release pdfme V4!! 🚀

What's Changed


Users who have been using V3 should be cautious when updating to V4. Please refer to the following article for necessary modifications: About Backward Compatibility

Key Features

Add a Left Sidebar for Placing Schemas

Add a Left Sidebar for Placing Schemas

  • You can now place schemas by dragging and dropping.
  • Add an icon to the sidebar by including the icon property in the defaultSchema property when defining plugins.

Add DynamicTable Schema

Add a Left Sidebar for Placing Schemas

  • Added a schema for dynamically generating tables.
  • This is currently released as Beta due to remaining bugs.
  • For more details, please refer to here.

Thanks, everyone

pdfme exists thanks to the contributions of many contributors.
We express our gratitude to everyone involved in this release.

We look forward to your continued support for pdfme!